20G-18G Titanium Fishtail Nose Ring Spike, Dome & Ball

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  • MATERIALMade with grade 23(G23) titanium. Titanium products are highly recommended by piercing professionals. Commonly referred to as "implant-grade." G23 titanium is approximately 50% lighter than surgical steel.
  • MEASUREMENTSGauge Size: 20 Gauge (0.8mm) or 18 Gauge (1mm). Length: 19mm. The tops are 2mm.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED1-3 nose rings are included with your purchase. Available in the gauge and design of your choice.
  • IMPORTANTFishtail nose rings are too long to be worn without being custom bent. You can have your piercer bend to your needed specifications or DIY with some pliers and some video help. 


Nose piercings have stayed popular for both men and women for so many years now and we don't see that trend ever fading. The stylish look they provide is second to none. Nose rings are a style of body jewelry that have no age or sex boundaries. They look amazing on everybody! IMPORTANT. Keep in mind fishtail nose rings are designed to be bent by piercing professionals. They will be too long to wear as is. They can be custom bent into either a nose screw or a l-bend. You can watch a video on how to DIY but we do recommend grabbing 2 just in case you need a practice round.